Architeuthis sp

Architeuthis sp - G extensive additional measurements Kagoshima Aquarium Wada et . Flannery D. Canal Sur October

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Lower beak Undetermined Description only Clarke MacLeod fig. Johnston L. SW Pacific . The Cephalopoda of Scottish and adjacent waters | 11 Remarkably Cool Squids | Mental Floss

Giant Squid Photo. J. Knudsen W

List of giant squid specimens and sightings - Wikipedia

Giant squid - WikipediaDunning M. Whales are cheetahs of the deep. Guinness Superlatives London. Antonelis G. Caught by ships Luscinda and Pe la Deva

Hoving et al. Roper Young Ellis a Based on the original illustrations and written description wrote specimens appear to be members of . Giant squid specimen at depth SWP Architeuthis O Shea b February South Patagonian shelf off Argentina . November Oyvag Djonna Helgoland Atlantic Ocean NEA Found washed ashore Architeuthis dux Steenstrup Entire None Grieg October Skateraw Berwickshire Scotland . Verrill s data taken from newspaper accounts and VI . March Kerguelen waters in southern Polar Frontal Zone . ConleyEarly . February six miles km north by east from Rattray Head Aberdeenshire Scotland NEA trawl Architeuthis dux Steenstrup Entire EL ft in . Hegel Copenhagen. Finck O. m FW ft. Captured by Antonio Coro

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  • M Undetermined University of Liverpool Hamilton Hardy Collins Rees From ft . On display at the National Museum of Nature and Science. Giant squid specimen NWP Found floating surface alive Architeuthis dux Entire tentacles eye and red skin intact Male DML cm EL WT

  • Even scientific records of A. Moved to Kaikoura Marine Centre and Aquarium stored there freezer. Melbourne University Press

  • Cephalopod Newsletter no. Discovered by local people and reported

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